SLENDERTONE ABS6 UNISEX- Rechargeable Abdominal Muscle Toning Belt

"A firmer, flatter stomach from 4-6 weeks." Core strengthening and ab toning from the palm of your hand Slendertone Abs6 Unisex is an advanced ab toning belt providing toned and stronger abs from just 4-6 weeks. It's a secret weapon to achieving firm, toned abs. Use Slendertone Abs6 for five times a week and after 6 weeks you'll feel a stronger core and more toned abs - guaranteed. How does it work? Do more with the core A strong core offers much more than toned abs and a flatter tummy, it helps you run further, jump higher, sit straighter, stand taller and feel amazing. Complete abdominal workout Slendertone Abs6 is an efficient and effective method for toning all abdominal muscles simultaneously, including the rectus abdominis, the internal and external obliques and the deep transversus abdominis, which is tricky to train with conventional sports and exercises It utilises clinically-proven electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to emit signals directly from the belt to your abdominal muscles, causing them to contract, work and relax. A 30 minute workout with Slendertone is like doing 200 sit-ups. Combining regular EMS toning sessions with an active lifestyle and clean diet firms and tightens your stomach muscles while increasing abdominal strength and endurance. Does it work? Hear from our experts Dr John P Porcari (PhD) is a Professor in Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse as well as a leading authority on the effectiveness of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) tech. He is responsible for conducting many of our controlled, independent clinical trials, as well as publishing their proven results and states: "There is no question, Slendertone is going to increase the strength, firmness and tone of people's abdominal muscles." Dr Porcari's clinical trials During an 8-week trial, using Slendertone showed significant improvements in muscle strength and endurance. - 100% of users achieved firmer, flatter abs and improved definition from 6 weeks (with noticeable results from 4 weeks) - Users increased abdominal endurance by an average of 72% from 4 weeks - Users experienced an average waistline reduction of 3.5cm from 8 weeks - 54% of users felt that their posture had improved from 4 weeks of toning Technical features 7 training programmes Use during or without physical exercise, the toning programmes are designed specifically for maximising muscle contractions, so that you can squeeze more out of every stomach crunch and Pilates class. Train when it suits you If you sometimes struggle to find the time to tone, work your abs and core when you’re walking the dog, strolling on your lunch break or even sitting at your desk. Monitor your progress Your controller records and displays your session history and maximum intensities, to help you keep your personal training goals on track. Interchangeable controllerHandheld, ergonomically-shaped and fully-rechargeable, the Abs6 controller has been designed with comfort and convenience at the forefront. Your controller is also compatible with Slendertone Bottom and Arms toning devices, which is ideal if your personal training goals extend beyond working the core and abdominals. For the best results, tone 5 times each week and combine with healthy eating and an active lifestyle.Replace your gel pads after 20-30 sessions to maximise toning comfort and effectiveness. Specifications - 27-47 inches (69-119cm) What's in the box? - Abs6 belt- Rechargeable controller- EU/UK Mains charging adapter- Replaceable gel pads- Manual (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Netherlands, Portuguese)- Travel pouch. For more information about Slendertone products & services, click below: About Us FAQs Delivery Returns Contact Us

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